Women, Brilliant Women

Today I want to celebrate the fact that I am a woman. What I mean to say is that I am a woman amongst women. Today, of course, marks International Women’s Day. I am sitting on the tube (yes, sitting – lucky me!) and there are two women either side of me. Both are reading (one a Kindle, the other a paperback). This is usually my commuting pastime. When I get on the tube and my mobile signal drops out and I can’t use twitter or Facebook I descend into my own world. Whether that be a fictional or a theoretical one it is very much my world. It is the time when I most engage with my own thoughts, ideas, and creative energies. I am not one amongst millions of social networkers, but merely one. It makes me truly happy to see so many women in my immediate vicinity immersed in their own worlds: sleeping, reading, working, and daydreaming. While some stranger’s rucksack may be thrust uncomfortably in their face, and while they may be forced to straddle an aisle littered with luggage and feet, this does not inhibit descent into that solo, private world.

I am now at King’s Cross; I’m off the tube; I’m walking. So are the other women. I’ve lost them.  Whoops, I almost took a wrong turn!

I could tell you what I aspire to be as a woman, and what dreams I hope to inspire in my future daughters, but I think it would be better to celebrate what I have achieved and what I am. We cannot celebrate what we have not yet made possible, and we do not need to augment the pressures in our lives by pondering too much on this. Besides, I think I’ve said quite enough (for the time being) about lists. I am a woman, forged by a woman, and by those men that have always reinforced my worth. I am fortunate to have what all women should rightfully have: a voice; a passion; a life. Let’s celebrate us, and let’s continue to fight.

I’m now at the BL, my intellectual home, and walking into the ladies’ toilets I notice a sticker on one of the cubicles that reads, ‘Armpits for August’. I smile. Yes, we are brilliant. We most definitely are.

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